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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So excited I could squeee!!!


I have been walking around all day on the proverbial cloud nine since reading this post over at Stephanie's blog, Pink Star Creations.

I am one of the nine lucky preliminary winners in the Great Canadian Workbox Giveaway!

'Scuse me while I do my little happy dance again, 'kay?

dance dance dance    :)
dance dance dance    :)

Why so happy? Well, first of all I won one of their awesome Ribbon Boxes!

This is just perfect timing. Just this past weekend I was in my craft room TRYING to sort out some of my embellies - I had gems, ribbons, stickers and all sort of other things messed up in the SAME containers. I did manage to get SOME of the stuff separated but my ribbons are still a mess. Within hours of sorting them out they were all in a tangle again....gah. This lovely container will go a long way toward solving THAT organization problem. Did you count the little holes in the front?  TWENTY-SEVEN!! yep, twenty-seven spools of ribbon can be neatly organized in this portable beauty!

I TOTALLY promise to do a blog post showing the before mess that is my ribbon collection and the AFTER glory when this beauty arrives!

And the REALLY COOL THING about being one of the nine preliminary winners (congrats to ALL the winners by the way)? I now have a chance to win the ultimate piece of crafting furniture, an actual WORKBOX!!!! Never seen one before? Take a lookie (I can pause while we both wipe the drool from our keyboards).

Honestly, I'm no more deserving of winning this gorgeous piece of crafting heaven than any of the other lucky preliminary winners but.....oh dear, my heart is palpitating just dreaming of the possibility!!! Anyways, my fingers are crossed and my crafty little heart is a hoping!

I'm hoping that my "good karma" bank still has enough in it for another withdrawal....maybe I should shovel a few more of the neighbour's driveways though just to top it up (grinning mischievously). We have a major winter storm warning over night so early morning is going to require some snow-clearing I'm sure and since I'm afraid of our snow-blower, I always use the shovel.

ta ta for now! ... back to doing my happy dance!!!

dance dance dance :)
dance dance dance :)


Danielle said...

Love it Sheena! It's super exciting and I'm sure you have more than enough karma in your bank .. I have everything crossed for you to have the scrapbox come your way!!!
Hugs, Danielle

RiNNE said...

Congrats Sheena!! Love your happy dancing! And, yes, I've seen those cool workboxes before.

Michelle Gotoh Bertuzzi said...

Wow, congrats on the win and hopefully, you can win that scrapbox! That would be an awesome win!

Victoria said...

wow that is amazing would love one of those, love the ribbon box too, thank you for your such kind words xxx

Sarah Cooper said...

Wooot! Huge Congrats!
I would LOVE to see someone from out neck of the woods bring home that um, not so little goodie!
I'm pulling for you!!!!