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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Enabler Alert - Big Copic Sale

Hi folks,

Don't say I didn't warn you.....

Because they are often visible in my WOYWW posts, I frequently get asked where I buy my Copic markers. I've also been asked at recent crops, card workshops, etc. Well, over the years I have purchased them from several different places. A few months back, I happened upon a local (Ontario) online shop called One Crazy Stamper. (see the blinkie in my sidebar?) Bar none, Lora has the BEST price I have found in Ontario for Copic Markers of all types (sketch being the style of marker I use).

Regular price on sketch markers is just $4.95 Cdn. Say what? REGULAR PRICE!!! I know - local shops here in Ottawa sell them for about $2 MORE than that. If you are like me and are trying to grow your collection before the price of Copic markers goes up in August (the manufacturer is raising the prices so don't blame YOUR fave supplier when it happens), it's easy to place an order that qualifies for free shipping (sorry, Canada and the US only).

ANYWAYS.....the reason for THIS post is that LORA is having a HUGE ...and I do mean HUGE sale on OTHER Copic products as well until midnight May 29th.

Copic Markers (whatever style you favour) are at their usual awesome low prices. Yes, even the new 2011 colours. And there are other goodies to be had as well (lifted from the store newsletter - I'm sure Lora won't mind!).

  • Various Refills - $6.11 each
  • Large 200cc 0 Blender Refill - $10.80 each
  • Xpress It Full Packages - $50.00 each
  • Shadows & Shading Book - $11.55 each
  • Spica Pens - $2.91 each
  • SEC72 Empty Case - $8.83 each
  • SEC36 Empty Case - $5.36 each
  • Swatch Books - $5.22 each
  • Sketch Markers - $4.95 each (our everyday low price)
  • 1/2" High Tack Tape - $4.47 each
  • 1/8" High Tack Tape - $2.56 each
  • 1/4" High Tack Tape - $3.05 each you know I am not just enabling YOU, my faithful readers. I've already placed one order for two dozen markers and Lora has my "in progress" items reserved for me while I hem and haw over how many MORE markers I'm going to order. I am planning ahead and picking up my most used skin tone refills (E000, E00), the big bottle of blender refill and one of those full packages of Xpress paper (that is seriously awesome paper folks - I do recommend giving it a try). 

Anyways, my job as enabler is done. Be sure to pay Lora a visit over at One Crazy Stamper before midnight May 29th to snap up some awesome Copic product deals!

tee hee...happy shopping!

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