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Friday, May 20, 2011

The irony of it all

This is what I spent my last couple of days doing....

Two and a half hours on Thursday at a garden centre and then a local nursery to buy this year's veggies and herbs for planting in our garden.

Tip - don't wear your high heel shoes from work while trudging around buying plants.  My feet still have not forgiven me.

Friday I spent four hours first thing in the morning, prepping the veggie garden.

The semi-circle raised bed has a radius of about twelve feet and I turned the top 10 to 12 inches of soil in the entire garden. Oh, and I removed all the dead herbs that didn't survive winter. Then another half  hour on Friday night to give one final rake-over of the entire space to make sure the surface is relatively even.

Hopefully tomorrow the weed barrier gets put down and I can get most of the planting done.

The irony in all this? My latest order from Stamping Bella arrived today ... and I don't see me getting any time to stamp until at least Sunday. And only then if I am not too tired and all the veggies are planted. I haven't even bought any flowers yet for planting in all the flower beds around the yard. Good thing we have lots of perennials and rose bushes!

Hopefully I will get back later this weekend. If not with crafty pics, at least with garden pics!

Have a great weekend!

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Sarah Cooper said...

ahhh... yes the crafters seasonal dilemma: create inside or create outside? I too am 'suffering' this. Though now that the sun is poking out (I say this and of course it will go away I think I'll be heading out more than in. Looking forward to seeing your patch of green! :O)