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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday morning musings

Hi folks,

well, I STILL don't have anything crafty to show you. Dearly beloved and I have been thoroughly enjoying the new motorcycle and went for a ride yesterday to a pretty little town south of Ottawa called Merrickville.

It is one of my favourite little places to go for a little day trip. It is very picturesque, filled to overflowing with artisans of all sorts.

And, of course, places to eat. Yes, another motorcycle trip that involved food.

We ate here, at Gad's Hill Place

Every time we go to Merrickville, we eat here.

There's my sweetie, waiting for his "Pickwick Club Sandwich" and beer. I had a yummy-licious grilled veggie and goat cheese sandwich. Umm Yummm - any restaurant that can make a good grilled veggie sandwich gets my approval! And mine was perfect.

Then, of course, we set to shopping! Now, since we were on the motorcycle we were limited in what we could buy. No visit to the local glass-blowing artist's studio (too fragile) and no fudge (too frakkin' hot and humid with no ice packs to pack it on).

But we did get a few things at a couple of our favourite haunts and a new gallery we discovered.

At Rowland Leather, my dearly beloved got me another new bag.

This one isn't one of Michael Rowland's designs (I have every one of his designs that I DO like already so)...but this one will be another great sling it over your shoulder and go bag. With the bonus I won't have to scour the bag looking for my cellphone and keys with those convenient pockets,

Of course, no trip to Merrickville is complete without a stop as Mrs. McGarrigle's. Sadly, being on the bike, I had to behave with my nommy purchases.

Some granola that was being demo'd that day (we didn't taste test though because we were still full from lunch), star anise, dried kaffir lime leaves and a lime vinegar. Only one breakable and I was nervous about that!

We also visited the Canal Gallery where they have added works by Jasmine Becket-Griffith. Again, being on the bike, we couldn't buy anything large so I satisfied myself with a few notecards of her prints.

Some Steampunky/Alice in Wonderland style images

and these two

Probably a little dark and disturbing for some people but I really like them. And no, I won't be giving them away to anyone - these are for me, just to have.

Then we discovered Anarchy Gallery. Again, good thing we were on the bike as I had to limit myself to these cards by the owner/artist Angelina Wrona.

Again, more slightly disturbing images (my fave is the autopsy Y-cut....I don't know why, it just is). And no, I'm not giving these away either so don't worry about them showing up in your mailbox!

As a cardmaker, I would LOVE to see rubber stamps by these artists. They would make for some pretty cool, dark cards!

Anyways, that's it for me today. Not sure if I will get crafty or not today. I STILL have to make the Ginger Lemon Marmalade I have been planning for a few weeks now. Dearly beloved is going to a local  winery with one of his pals - I was debating whether or not to go but I think I will stay at home and get a few things done.

Oh....and I am looking for suggestions. My sister would like me to make her some projects for her little one's bedroom using the Safari Friends and Jungle Jesters from PaperWorksCo. She already has the photo frame I did a while back using the Safari friends but she would like a few more pieces. Any ideas? I'm going to be scouring the PWCO Gallery for some inspiration but I am  open to more ...

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

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RiNNE said...

How wonderful to have a glimpse of your fun weekend! The bike ride sounds quite adventurous in itself and then you add on fab places -- delightful! Love the dark, artistic cards!