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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WOYWW - August 3rd

Hi folks!

well, it IS still Wednesday here in Ottawa. I debated whether or not to do a WOYWW post today ... aren't you all tired of seeing my messy desk by now?

But I offer up as proof that, during my week off, I did find my way into my craft room to add to the mess that was already there.

I did make cards (and bookmarks) and most of the papers that I used are still on the table. Growing the pile on the left. And if you could see my OTHER desk, growing the pile over there as well!

So, yes, the Copics that showed up LAST Wednesday have all been put into my NEW container. I'm missing only ONE of them now (RV63) as my usual supplier was out of stock when I placed my final order. I have a few other suppliers on my list so I'll be trying to hook myself up with that last errant marker on my next order from one of them.

Now, I do have yet another embarrassing confession about my craft room. Last week I had planned to make a baby quilt or two while I was off. Ummm....well, I couldn't find the fabric. It IS in my craft room - I just don't know where. It isn't in the closet with the rest of my fabric. I'm sure it is buried under a pile of .... something....somewhere.....but I'm afraid that if I move any of those piles and they fall over that I won't be found for days. Well, hours really. The cats would kick up a fuss if I missed their next feeding.

Anyways, if you would like to sneak a peek at any of the other desks playing along, be sure to drop by Julia's blog, the Stamping Ground for the full list!


Lunch Lady Jan said...

LOL - hope you find the missing material soon otherwise the baby will be all grown up!! x

Julia Dunnit said...

Never bored! That is an amazing copic collection - couldn't tell at a glance that you were missing one!!
I love the idea that you can't find the fabric - maybe when the baby is in her teens it will turn up!

Yogi said...

thanks for a peek into your craft room. Thanks for the comment on mine.
Have a great day

Angie said...

Had to smile ...I am always saying 'I know its here ...somewhere'...and if you buy more its sure to turn up.

Paula Gale said...

your 'mess' is lovely - its what mine looks like most of the time - but most of the time we know where stuff is despite the mess... when it gets to the point when you don't know where things are.... that's bad lol

We've all had those moments where you know you put it in a safe place - but its that safe even you can't remember where that 'safe' place is lol.

Great post - so funny.

Paula x x x