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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

off to the Rock

Hi folks,

just a quick little post to those loyal readers who may pause for thought over the next three weeks wondering why I'm not posting - I am off to my home province of Newfoundland and will have limited (if any) internet access. Where I am going (my home town), even my cell phone doesn't work!

My folks refuse to have internet access at their house so - unless I go scoff a connection at my sister's or brother's - no interwebs for me. I may have to resort to hanging out at the library like I did when I was a kid - just so I can get my daily blog fix!

So, my apologies to those whose blogs I follow - you probably won't see me commenting for the next while.

I have mixed feelings about this trip - there have been lots of tears the last few days. My sweetie and I have never been apart for this long so....sniff sniff. And of course there are my kittehs...and the crafting (no supplies were brought with me -- absolutely none!)

And then there is the reason for my visit - and the reason why I have been out of sorts with crafting lately - my Mom is ill and is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments for non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. She's had three treatments so far and the fourth will happen while I am home (my Dad has to return to work shortly - thus my visit at this time). Theoretically she will likely need between six and eight chemo treatments.

So, there you go....and there I go. See you in a few weeks


Danielle said...

Have a safe trip Sheena and my best wishes to your mom ... I hope her treatment goes well! Will miss not seeing your posts but look forward to catching up in 3 weeks!
Hugs, Danielle

Sarah Cooper said...

Enjoy your trip as best you can. (((hugzzz))
My prayers and thoughts travel with you for both you and your family here and there. :O)

sunghee said...

Oh no~!!! Hope you'll mom will be well again soon. She will be in my prayer. Take care! Having no internet access is no fun either.

RiNNE said...

:( I'm so sorry, Sheena. I am thinking of and praying for you and your mom and for the rest of your family. You are a very good daughter and I hope your mom goes into full recovery. Hugs and sending you lots of love.