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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Anniversary to my parents

Hi folks,

back again with another scheduled post!

The timing of this visit to Newfoundland actually coincides with a busy month of occasions in my family -- all of which can be traced back to this particular date - October 4th. Today marks the occasion of when my parents were wed. This is the card I made for them (and gave to them on Sept 25 before my Dad set out to sea for the next month).

Actually, I made a card for MY sweetie as well, using this same design, before I left Ottawa for this trip. I'm sure that somewhere I have a photo - if not, then I'll be sure to post it when I get back to Ottawa.

card details

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Love you both....more than words can say.

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RiNNE said...

I remember seeing this card although I may have already posted a comment here and that is why! Lol! Pardon me if that's the case - I am tired!

Pretty card!! Those sweetHearts are perfect! Happy Anniversary to your parents!