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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Project 15 - Week 1

Hi folks,

Nothing crafty from me today. But I am sharing a "self-improvement" project upon which I have decided to embark. I call it my "Project be a better housekeeper in just 15 minutes a day" or "Project 15" for short.

My friends and family have long been told to accept the fact that if they don't like my housekeeping skills they can either not visit or they can pick up something (like a mop or a broom or a dust-cloth) and help me where they think my skills are lacking.

You see, I have no problem cooking. I have no problem doing dishes. I have no problem doing laundry. Heck, I don't even mind scrubbing the toilets (weird I know, most people hate cleaning the toilets and we have three in our house). I even enjoy ironing but I like to let it build up so I can spend the entire Sunday afternoon doing it.

But I do tend to neglect other chores of which I am not so fond

  • vacuuming/sweeping: I find the act of vacuuming soothing. But I hate the noise. That's why we have two robotic vacuums that run when we aren't home on weekdays.
  • scrubbing the floor: my knees really can't take the kneeling. I do have kneepads but...well, they aren't that comfortable so I tend to sit on my butt when I scrub the floor....and my feet fall asleep. I have gotten better about mopping the floor though. I figure if I do it at least once a week I can kind of stay ahead of the full scale scrub with the scrub-brush on my hands and butt.
  • scrubbing the shower: the smell of the nasty chemicals really bothers my asthma. My sweetie does this for me and I am VERY grateful that he does. I have no problem cleaning the tub, however  (I try not to use nasty chemicals). So as long as it is done whenever I use the tub, no problem.
  • cleaning the oven and fridge: just because it is such a messy chore and takes so darn long. Spray the oven the night before, clean it the next day. I invariably wind up with chemical burns on my skin, even though I wear long sleeves and long rubber gloves. I always get the oven cleaner on me somewhere. And it hurts!
  • cleaning the windows: honestly, my other half does a better job than I do. I always manage to leave smudges. Grr...  More often than not, our windows have little nose smudges. Right about kitty cat height. 
  • dusting: I REALLY hate dusting. It is my most despised chore. EVER. That's why we keep the knick-knack clutter to a minimum in our house. And it is also why it is usually my sweetie who does the dusting. Not only does the dust make me sneeze but I really hate the smell of cleaners. Lemon Pledge is awful!

But, I've decided I really should try to get over the hated chores. If my Mom can be fighting cancer and still keep an impeccably tidy house, I can try to do better. 

So 15 minutes a day.....with my secret weapon.

The rules for Project 15 are pretty simple:
  • set the timer for 15 minutes
  • tackle a chore that you wouldn't normally do (i.e. for me, cooking dinner or doing dishes or laundry doesn't count towards my 15 minutes but dusting does!)
  • if it is a small chore and you finish in less than 15 minutes, you must start something else. 
  • if it is a bigger chore and takes longer than 15 minutes you CAN walk away and resume the next day. Or you can set the timer for another 15 minutes and continue. But you must do the full 15 minutes if you reset the timer.

What did I accomplish this first week of Project 15? Well, I did do a vacuuming day (the robots don't do stairs or cold air returns or ceiling fans) and I tackled this white elephant in our kitchen

Obviously this took more than 15 minutes. But when you break down cleaning two or three cubes (and their contents) in a 15 minute chunk of time, it becomes a much more approachable task.

Next up - the kitchen cupboards!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. And if you decide to do your own Project 15 - be sure to share!

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RiNNE said...

Good-luck, Sheena! Your describing your cleaning techniques / to-do's just made me realize I need to clean ;) hehehe. Maybe I'll join in!

P.S. My DH is also pretty good about cleaning.