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Friday, January 6, 2012

Another sad day, another store closing

Hi folks,

as some of you know, some time ago I was one of the design team members over at PaperWorksCo.

I just wanted to pass along the sad news that as of January 1st, Peggy and Mike have decided to close up shop. There is a post over at the shop's main page announcing the decision. I know it was a hard decision for them to make and I will certainly miss getting cute new stamps from PaperWorksCo. But just because the company is closing up shop, it doesn't mean that you will stop seeing PWCO stamps on my blog.

In fact, I went to the store site this morning (since it was easier than getting into my craft room at the moment!) to check out the R.A.M. wedding release as I need to make a congratulations on your wedding engagement card for my little bro and wanted to see which one I could use. So....yep, I'll still be using them you can bet! And you all know that Harriet the Hippo is still my all time fave PWCO stamp - way back from the first stamp release!

Anyways, please join me in wishing Peggy and Mike all the best in all their other endeavours (they've left a contact email on the main page of the store site at which they can be reached).

Now...where did I leave that box of kleenex? sniff sniff.

ETA - since the store is closed now, I've updated my sidebar links. The link on the alumni PWCO DT blinkie now goes to my PWCO gallery on SCS so you can see my past and future creations using my PaperWorksCo stamps.


TannyP said...

I agree - it was sad - especially since Peggy was always great about meeting up for exchange since we're in the same city!

I wish them (and you) all the best!

Stampin D Amour said...

Oh, this is so sad to hear! Their website was really cute! xo

-pamela :)

RiNNE said...

:(. Great post, Sheena.