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Sunday, January 8, 2012

how I spent my saturday afternoon

Hi folks,

Time for another craft room confessional. Earlier today (okay, Saturday, it took a while to write this post) ..... I decided to tackle a little long overdue tidy-up/re-organization of some of my crafty supplies. Here's SOME of the outcome....

The top shelf used to hold my much neglected Cricut cartridges and some 3-D crafty stuff that I have either made myself or have been lucky to have been gifted by other crafty peeps. The Cricut cartridges have found a new home (still in MY craft room - I haven't sold them or given them away, I WILL get back to using it sometime - sooner rather than later I hope).

The 3-D crafty stuff is still up there, along with lesser used supplies of stickers, sheets of metal and bits and bobs. Some of this will probably get donated to friends for their own use or their kids crafting when we finally get around to doing our long-awaited shoebox get-together. I just have to set up a box in my craft room for tossing stuff into for that purpose.

The middle shelf has my cases of brads, some buttons and other miscellaneous bits. Shoeboxes of flowers and skeins of ribbon and fibres.

Lower shelf has MORE ribbon and my oversupply of ATG tapes. Yes, 48 rolls. But that's not the confessional part of this post. In sorting through the ribbon I realized I have ... A LOT!!! By my guess-timate there's at least 150 rolls of ribbon in my stash. See that pretty box in the middle of the bottom shelf? Ummm, there's another one behind it. Between the two of them there's 90 rolls. The ribbon box on the left has about another 50 inside. And the two shoeboxes round it out.....and that doesn't count the  skeins on the middle shelf.

See...Cricut cartridges are still in the craft room! I picked up these two organizers at Michael's during boxing week. I really should have bought three. Each case has slots for 16 cartridges but I honestly can't figure out how 16 overlays and books are supposed to fit into the spaces designed for them. I had to really squeeze my 29 into these two cases. So, next time there's a 50% off craft storage combined with a percent off your entire purchase coupon, I'll be picking up a third case.

Here's a peek into the ribbon box. It's meant to hold 27 rolls of ribbon but as I was sorting through I found multiples of some types so I just stuck them in together since the slots easily hold four ribbon spools. Then I decided I really wanted to keep the different types of the same colour together ....

So, some of the dispensing grommets have two ribbons coming out of them instead of just one.

Nice and easy to use.....thanks to the folks over at The Original Scrapbox. I won this last year during one of their blog hops and I am just now getting around to filling it up.

After tackling the supplies on those shelves, I also started putting away all the stamps I had lent to various friends over the last few months and those I had pulled out for making all the thank you cards I did a while back...and the birthday cards since Octoter. No photos of THAT adventure. While I was at it, I pulled out all my stamps I thought could be used for doing Valentine type cards. I have two shoeboxes OVERFLOWING with stamps for that upcoming occasion. I'm also now thinking I need to organize my stamps differently. I normally have them organized in binders by company but I think by theme might be more easy to make sure I get around to using all of them. How do you organize your stamps? I'm looking for ideas.....

And after all THAT -- I had a two hour nap from 5pm to 7pm. I was exhausted. Ready for card-making tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by!


Sarah Cooper said...

Looks aaaaaawesome!
Mine is a disaster but I'm too lazy to do more than tidy the immediate space. We're working on the basement, when that's done the boyz move downstairs to the old apartment, Greg moved his honking desk out of the Studio and into their old room *then* I'll do the Studio well. It'll be mine, all mine!!!

RiNNE said...

Wonderful job, Sheena!!! And wow, I'm amazed at the ATG rolls and ribbon spools you have!!!

The Original ScrapBox said...

I love this post. I featured your tweet about this on our blog today -

I love the last two pictures of your RibbonBox in use.

How would you feel about allowing us to use these two pictures on our blog, website and Facebook?

If you give us permission and rights to use these pictures, would you send them to us at

Also do you have a ScrapMaBob?