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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 - the year that was

Hi folks,

just taking a moment to reflect on the year that was....rather "blah" for me when it comes to paper-crafting. Like many of my paper-crafting pals, I think I struggled to find a balance between this hobby and my personal life. And actually, that wasn't really a bad thing.

Though my card-making output was significantly lower than in past years (268 total posted this year, of which only 53 were Christmas), I DID achieve a personal health goal. Last year before Christmas, I rejoined a weight loss group in which I had been a member YEARS ago with the intent of getting myself back into better shape. Well, my year end numbers seem to suggest that I was successful.

Every day at work, a dear friend and I walk at lunch time. It's only 30 minutes but it is a VERY valuable 30 minutes. Not just for the exercise, but also for the mental well-being. We vent and de-stress to each other about work and our personal lives. A god-send at times this year since both work and family were very trying at times.

Then, after work, I usually pop up to our exercise room and spend an hour on the recumbent bike, reading. I think, in addition to the weight loss, this has been my greatest accomplishment. I worked my way up from 30 minutes a day back in February, to an hour a day - including on the weekends! I try to not take a day off unless I have other commitments that really don't allow me to squeeze in my exercise. I've read a ton of books (link to my Pinterest board of what I am reading) - okay they were on my e-reader so not  a ton per se but you get my meaning. Best series of the year for me was the Ender/Shadow books by Orson Scott  Card.

So, end result, I DID achieve my weight loss goal in under a year. I wanted to lose 10% of my body weight - about 17 lbs - and I did. I'm actually down a little over 20 lbs. And it feels good. Though I hate shopping for new pants - why can't women's pants just use inches for the waist instead of those inconsistent store sizes? Grrrr....

My fitness goals are still a work in progress. I DO exercise every day but I think I need a little more variety. The biking is great since it also allows me to read every day for pleasure (I've always loved to read) but I think I need to vary it up a bit more. A little more resistance training and core work (sitting at  a desk all day is not great for one's health) would be good. And I really think I should run more often - though my treadmill accident on Christmas Day would suggest otherwise.

I'm hoping to have a better year this year than last. I have my usual paper-crafting goals:

  • try to stay on top of the Christmas cards by making 10 per month (I fell off the wagon last year in  April and never really found my way back on until late fall). Taking part in Sparkle's weekly Christmas Card challenge should help with that
  • try to stay ahead of the game for birthdays and other holidays. I'm hoping that taking part in the weekly Viva La Verve Challenges over on SCS will keep me at least partially on track with that goal. My plan is one masculine, one feminine and one "holiday" card per week for this challenge. There's also the Mojo Monday challenge and challenges from some of my fave stamp companies that I hope to play along with more frequently (The Greeting Farm, Stamping Bella, Sparkle Creations, Kraftin' know the usual there's a few more)
  • work on reducing that growing paper stash. One of the ways I plan to do that is by hosting the occasional card workshop as part of my fund-raising for the annual "Light the Night" Walk.
  • work on using that ever-growing pile of as yet un-inked stamps in my craft room (and yes, I just bought a pile more from a couple of the SCS member companies thanks to the year end shop hop combined with the company's own year-end clear out sales).
  • start AND finish a couple of projects which have been sitting in the back of my head for a while now
I also have some NON-papercrafting goals:
  • make at least one quilt
  • try some new canning recipes
  • make more time for getting together with my friends
  • change up my exercise routine

I guess I should pick a few of my favourite cards that I made this year, huh? Well, here goes! I'm just adding the links for now. Maybe I'll come back with the photos later.

September - a card I made for my sweetie (one of two cards in this post)
August - I actually had TWO faves. This one and this one
June - slim pickins' that month. Only four cards made. I chose this one as my fave.
April - This birthday card (which I may actually still have as I don't remember for whom it would have been made)

Ah well, that was the year that was in 2012. Let's hope for a fantastic 2013!


Danielle said...

Thanks for sharing your amazing goals and achievements Sheena - you've had such great success with 20lbs weight loss - way to go!! I hope to share some of your crafting goals too as I really didn't balance crafting time out with all my other family stuff. Needless to say I wish you a hugely successful 2013 and hope we can get together for some crafty time soon!
Hugs, Danielle x

RiNNE said...

Sounds like a very fruitful year to me! Great job on the weight loss and healthier lifestyle!! Such a wonderful accomplishment (I need to get cracking on mine!!). Fantastic job on the craft end too!