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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Reminder - Yumi and Fumi Handmade Design Team Call

Hello!!! Anyone out there?

Just popping in with a reminder that Yumi and Fumi Handmade has posted a Design Team Call.

You can find all the details at this link and you have until June 1st to toss your hat into the ring.

If you are a fan of fun, cute characters, then I would encourage you to apply. I already have several of their stamps in my personal collection - I just need to make the time to get them all inked up! I have found the images fantastic not just for the nieces and nephews, but also for the grown-ups. I am willing to bet that there are probably more than a few that you will look at that will make you go "Wow! That looks just like <insert name here> I HAVE to have that stamp." That's why I have so many of them.

If you click through here, a link will pop up showcasing the cards here on my blog on which I have used just three of the images in my collection. Anyone know how to add more hours to your day? I could REALLY use more time to put more of my un-inked stamps to use!

Anyways, there are LOTS of you out there with incredible crafting skills who I know would be FANTASTIC additions to the Y&FH family. Be sure you apply! I even mustered up the courage and sent in my own application.

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