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Saturday, August 13, 2016

We're friends because

Hi folks,

If you were tuning in this past week, each of my weekday posts were for Growing in Unity. I played nice and didn't do a single "after dark/edgy" card for my entire week - even though they are among my favourites from Unity.

So since it is the weekend and my official GIU posts are finished (except for the one where I will announce the winners of the stamps from Unity), I figure it's safe to share some fun cards for any fans of the edgier stamps from Unity. Comments on this post do not count towards the draw for the prize from Unity.

I pulled this set out of my as yet unfiled Unity stamps to make these two cards. The set is called "She used to care" and definitely has a retro vibe with the image and typewriter font for the sentiments.

Of course, me being me I had to make two cards. And for the second one I took a little liberty with the sentiment. I'm pretty sure MOST of my friends would agree that my version is more accurate when it comes to our friendship. I'm generally the one that gets labelled a "little off-kilter"

card details:

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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