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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The last of the WCMD Christmas Cards

So, I have reached the last four cards of the dozen we made at the card-making workshop conducted by Jenn. Yes, still MORE fabulous cards!

I love the pattern on this tree....and the button!

This fabulous tree.....I love the sentiment and the altered clear button.

This one is nice, clean and simple. I do believe I was supposed to add some sparkle to this but I was lagging behind everyone else. I'll add the sparkle before I give it away.

Another of the clear buttons, this time placed directly on the card on one of the stamped snowflakes. Pretty huh?

That's it for the workshop cards. Tomorrow I will have another PaperWorksCo October PaperCard Kit post for you - more Christmas goodness!!!

I may get back later tonight though with the card I made last night for my cousin's wedding. We shall see....have to pop out now to "wash that grey right out of my hair" so speak!!!

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