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Sunday, December 28, 2008

So excited about shared cricut cut files

Found this awesome thread on the cricut website....

where a bunch of wonderful folks shared cut files for word books! Awesome. I have of course downloaded ALL of them.

So if you want them and want to save yourself some time, just send me a message!

More of the completed Cricut Christmas Cards

And these are the rest that were actually finished.

The Cricut Christmas Cards

I made a few cards using my cricut this year - some of them got finished, some of them did not and are still sitting on one of the tables in my craft room. I really like the fact that with the Cricut, you can have it cut a card for you that uses the image as a cut-out in a window. And with the Cricut Design Studio software, you can save the files and reuse them or share them. These are some of the cards that were actually completed. If anyone would like to have the .cut files, just let me know.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Speaking of the messy craft room

Here it is......the aftermath of making christmas cards this year. No point in tidying up until they are all finished. I'm hiding from the task. Putting it off until tomorrow when one of the tables HAS to come out for XBOX gaming day on Monday.

So many Christmas Cards

So, I'm a little pooped and am not going to post my christmas cards to the blog. If you are a facebook friend you can see them there. If you are an SCS fan, you can check out my gallery - Kanatanewf, on SCS at this address....

However, I will post one of the cards here. For my dearly beloved....this was his card.

I'm a little OCD about my christmas cards - they all have to be different. I am very upset this year that two of them were identical. Grr. And so I don't spend the months of November and December secluded in the craft room for hours on end making Christmas cards, I have registered for the SCS christmas card challenge - 10 cards per month for the first 11 months of the year. That's 110 cards in total - this year I sent out 84...and have a few spares completed and a bunch more not yet completed, lying around in the mess that is my craft room right now.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Upcoming birthdays - Laura's sketch 15

Over at 2Sketches4You there was a lovely sketch that I had to use for a few upcoming birthdays in December and January. All three cards use the same sketch, the two male birthday cards use the same papers, but each is very unique. What do you think?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Alisha's Birthday

My eldest niece was 14 on her birthday. An SCS card sketch using CTMH paper and stamps. Cuttlebugged the main panel. Just loved this colour combination!

Noah's Birthday

My Nephew, Noah, was 8 on his birthday. This was his card. Card sketch from SCS ... where else?

The Blue panel was cuttlebugged.

Hayley's Birthday

My niece, Hayley, was 4 on her birthday. I thought the cupcakes were perfect. The card sketch is from SCS.

My Sister's Birthday

My sister and all three of her children have their birthdays in October.

Marsha's card is a "Joy Fold" card from a Split Coast Stampers tutorial. I love the paper combinations I used on this one.

My Parent's Anniversary

My folks were married on October 4 1969. Thirty-nine years later and they are still the cutest thing. For their 40th anniversary next year, something special will have to be planned.

This card was a pretty quick make from a card kit from CTMH. I Cuttlebugged the card base with my textiles folder to give it a little something extra.

The Busiest Month of the year - so far

October is a busy month for celebrations in my extended family - birthdays and anniversaries galore, not to mention Thanksgiving and Hallowe'en. Needless to say, my craft room is a mess and I don't know if I can ever dig it out.

Anyway, here goes: The first occasion was Lucas' birthday - he turned two in early October. His is a spring card - from a SplitCoastStampers Tutorial - love that website. I love the CTMH stamp set I used. Perfect for little boys.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Celebrating the love in September

One family wedding anniversary this month - my dearly beloved's sister and her husband. But I also make cards for my dearly beloved just because - as if I wasn't already busy enough.

The first two cards are for my dearly beloved. One from the new CTMH card kit. The colours just look so pretty together.

The second I just think the stamp set is cute. There are other woodland creatures...I just need to figure out how to use them.

The third was the anniversary card for my dearly beloved's sister. See that paper?.....Mmmm hmmm. Fourth card to use it (I think). This card uses a card sketch from the CTMH card kit but not the CTMH card kit materials!

September is a busier month

So September is a busier month than August for card-making for me. Birthdays abound. These are five more birthday cards I made for September. One of the recipients still has not received hers as her gift is still hiding in the laundry room from the cats and we have not had a chance to visit yet.

The first two cards are for the two children of dear friends of my dearly beloved. The third is for one of my cousins. The fourth card (from a new CTMH card kit) is for a friend and the fifth for another of my Aunts - another quilter.

Get out the Exacto Knife

So I have to find the template - it is SOMEwhere on the desk in my craft room - so I can give appropriate credit to the website I sourced for this card. Four layers of paper to construct the front - not including the card base to which it is attached. I like the effect. Being a quilter, it kind of reminds of a quilt block. And the recipient also quilts so......I thought it made a nice birthday card for her.

Ah ha! Found it! This card was made using one of the Mola templates on

Two takes on a SplitCoastStampers Card Sketch

I made both of these cards using a card sketch challenge (188) posted on my favourite crafting website SplitcoastStampers. One card went to one of my Aunts, the other to my dearly beloved's Mom. I simply liked this paper so much I had to make multiple cards using it.

More Cards from August

So back in August I also made these two cards. August is apparently a quiet month for birthday celebrations amongst the people I know.
The first card was for my neighbour's birthday. It features a double dahlia fold done with two different sizes of punched circles.
The second card went to my niece for back to school. I believe it is a Penny Black image.

The rest of the card gift set

Well, it took me long enough to post these but these are the other cards that were given to my friends.

The Happy Everything card I absolutely love. There is just something about the swiss dots and the colour combination that I really like.

One of my friends really liked the Thinking of You card. I think it was the cuttlebug lattice that really caught her eye.

I was trying to go for another masculine card with the Birthday Stripes card. Again, a cuttlebug embossing folder was used on that one.

The Flowery Butterfly came out sort of okay. For some reason, the colour in the photograph of the butterfly is off. It looks sort of blue in the photo but actually matched the purple on the flowers on the card.

The Love Your Life card was simple but got an immediate response from one of my friends. One of her nieces was visiting for a few weeks and she planned to give the card to her as in inspirational thought. That just tickled me to know that someone could immediately use the card.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back to the blog

Well, I have been terribly negligent about posting my creations here lately. I've been churning out cards for the busy month of October in our family. My sister and her kids all have birthdays this month. My parents celebrate their wedding anniversary in October and in my dearly beloved's family we have a couple of birthdays as well. Throw in Thanksgiving and Hallowe'en and, let's not forget, world cardmaking day and well, let's just say that my brother's quilt which is nearly completed has been sadly neglected.

I'm hoping to sit down and toss up some photos of the cards made in the last couple of months (and the rest of the card set I made for a few friends) this weekend.

I'm also very excited about the Christmas Card Making workshop that I will be hosting for some of my friends in November. My "sister in law", Jenn, is conducting the workshop. She blogs over at I'm sure that whatever she has planned for us will be awesome as she is one of the most talented, creative and crafty people I know.

I'll be sure to posts photos of the fun we have that day and the lovely creations that Jenn comes up with for us.

Monday, August 25, 2008

More goodies

So I am very happy with the folks at Scrapbook City in BC. Herb and Lynn Smith do an awesome job with their online shopping service. I love using my cuttlebug and Michael's and Walmart just are not keeping up with the new folders and die cuts available for the little machine. I found Scrapbook City and love keeping my business here in Canada. They are just dolls and always put in a little something extra with the order. They will definitely be keeping MY business.

I had ONCE placed an order with a company in the U.S. which will remain nameless and that particular company won't be getting my business because of what they put on the customs declaration for the order. My good conscience just can't let me do business with them again.

Anyway, I could rave on and on about Scrapbook city because they are definitely a delightful company with which to do business. I'm looking forward to receiving my third order in as many weeks very shortly!

Looking forward to the long weekend so I can get to use all these new goodies!

Cricut Design Software

Now we are cookin'!

The laptop is ready and the Cricut Design Software has been successfully transferred from the desktop. I must say I was pleasantly surprised after reading all the nasty comments about how difficult people were finding it to transfer their software. No problem for me. I knew I had to have both computers up as the helpdesk would want me to uninstall from the desktop before giving me a new authorization code. I think it helps that I work in tech to begin with.....

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Beige Masculine Card

As Dorothy pointed out to me when I gave her a set of these cards, this one could be masculine or feminine. I think it is better suited to a guy myself, even if it does have ribbon!

Masculine Blue Birthday

Masculine cards. They can be so difficult. This is a simple one using blues and purples and a very simple sentiment. No foo foo ribbons or flowers!
This was one of the cards in the sets I have given, or will be giving, away.

The Friendship card.

So this was the original Friendship card from the sets I am giving away. Since the first four were made I have since changed the ink used for the flower. I went from Vanilla to Colonial White and I must say I am much happier with the way it looks. All ink and stamps from CTMH.

The Goodies are arriving and cards are being made!

I was delighted on Thursday to get some of the goodies I have on the way. My August CTMH order arrived and was put to use that very night to do the finishing touches on a friend's birthday card envelope.

Friday saw the arrival of a new wireless optical mouse. Now I'm just waiting on the laptop to arrive and my craft room will be jumping into the tech age. Seriously, how sad is it that I have bought a laptop for the express purpose of connecting my Cricut machines to it when I could go in to the next room and use the desktop? Well, Doug has promised me he will "pimp out" my mouse as it currently doesn't match the laptop. Mouse is red, laptop is espresso.

Today -- ahhhh that was reserved for card-making. I have given away the two completed sets of cards and have started working on copies for more gift-giving. Three styles were made today, six of each. I'm beginning to think I need stock in Scotch brand glue runners.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Check back later when I've had time to actually put something on here.