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Monday, January 30, 2012

Shoebox Gathering #1

Hi folks,

as promised,  here are some photos from our first shoebox gathering at my house yesterday! Dearly beloved grabbed the camera and snapped a few pics of us getting our crafty on!

Intent on creating....

Me on the left, Chrissy on the right - we're working on the card that Dominique designed.

Dominique on the left, Tanya on the right....

The four cards we created....mine is by far the the simplest. Going to have to up my game for the next gathering!

And close-up photos of everyone's card design....

By Tanya.....Look at all the detail!  Pretty ribbon, pin, charm and brad. Not to mention the stamped and embossed bird! I'm really going to have to take out my embossing powders and use them more.

By Dominique.....oh my! Those hearts are hand-painted. Very cool with pewter metallics mixed into the red. And that little key charm.

By Chrissy.....isn't that heart-filled mini-envelope the cutest? I'm going to be using this idea again I think. I can see it with hearts, flowers, shamrocks, cupcakes.....

And mine..... looking kinda ho-hum after the other three I think.

oh and this photo made me realize that my sample card has the heart locks upside down - and I thought the paper was omni-directional. doh! This is going to drive me crazy so I am going to have to try to fix the other card. sigh.....

So the great thing about today's get-together? I'm heading to Newfoundland again in late February to spend a week with my Mom when my Dad goes back out to sea. If I have time, I like to have cards prepped ahead of time for my sweetie. So....after today's get-together I'm off to a running start with four  cards!

Thanks for stopping by - hope you are having a wonderful day!

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RiNNE said...

All beautiful and gorgeous!! Love all the different styles!!!